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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Opinion poll please....

It is times like these when I wish I had a sister....or a close friend that lived within 100 miles!  Buying and decorating a new home with a specified budget SHOULD be fun...but I would love to share that process at least in part.  Since that isn't going to happen in real time for now...I thought I would ask you guys for some feedback :-D.  I am going to post two options for curtains in my craft room....I would love it if you tell my which one you like more.  These options are both from an etsy shop.....
Option #1 Fun Chevron

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
Option#2 Equally fun more random pattern


  1. I'd go with the floral one, as there's more white space on it it will give the room a more open airy feel. The other curtain could close the room in and make it feel darker.

    1. I prefer option #2. The first one is so busy and depending on the size of the window might be just a little bit too busy. Perhaps as an accent somewhere the chevrons would be better. I love the colors you've chosen, you have a lot of options there. What color are you choosing for the wall? FUN, FUN! I used to be an "active" decorating consultant ;-)
      PS I love the pretty chevron accent on your blog! It looks great.

  2. Love, love, love the colors you've selected and the two options you've given us! I'd go with option #2 for the curtains, and if you can get the fabric, make a couple of pillows or frame the first for an accent piece! Thanks for asking and can't wait to see the pictures!! Wish I was there to go shopping with you! (Though I would be of very little help in decision-making!) Lord bless!! (At a different computer and can't remember my google login ~ Jan Marie)

  3. Ooh...they're both so lovely! I agree with the others and prefer the second choice for curtains. It's a timeless pattern, whereas the chevrons might become dated more readily. Although you may not want to keep these curtains forever! lol The chevron print would be great for some fun cushions or a bulletin board. Since it's your creative space, the boldness of the chevrons might affect your work and you'll never be able to do anything but chevrons from now on. See how it's already affecting your blog? lol Just teasing! I really do like them both! Thanks so much for asking! What's next? :o)

  4. Actually, Marsha, I think I've changed my mind. After taking another look at the photo of your room, I think the chevron fabric would look fabulous for curtains! It really does look wonderful on your blog, so I'm sure it would in your room too. The colors in the fabric are really lovely and muted...not too crazy! You could also pull from those colors for other accents in your room! :o)

  5. But then again...
    LOL!! Just kidding! I'm finished now! :o)

  6. I'd only lean towards floral as while chevrons are so cool now, unless you're always in that graphic mood, I think the floral pattern could have some longer staying power... leave the chevron pattern to a cute coordinating throw pillow on a lovely daybed you could have in the room (ya know for those crafty nights that linger late in the hrs and make you want to lay down for just a minute...!!!) AH, Now I'm dreaming....

  7. Both are terrific fabrics. I love the colors you've chosen. I'd go with the floral pattern, because I think I'd tire of the chevrons over time and if you're on a budget like mine you may need to keep the curtains up quite awhile. :)

  8. Chevron printers are so trendy just now. But they have classic value as well. If the size of your craft room will not shrink with their addition, go for it! But I do find the flowers eye appealing well! BTW it was good to stop by and see so many friends here!! Love the new place. Tennessee US nearly a neighbor!! Especially when I am headed to my sister's place in Alabama!

  9. Oh I love them both! But I think I prefer the chevrons. They are fun and funky and well they will presumably be open most of the time, right? Use the floral for cushions, or a ribbon board maybe, if you can't let it go!