Phillipians 3:14

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Vintage find

Over the weekend, we did a lot of shopping.  On Saturday we first went to the farmer's market (YUM), then Chip took me to Lucille's.  I had read about it but had NO idea how big and fabulous the place was going to be!  I found this very cool (imho) wood rack that will be perfect storage for my hoard of 6x6 paper--of course I also intend to use the chalk paint I picked up to give it a more fun and funky vibe.  In this photo it is sitting where I intend to put a hall tree... which we are going to make from a great old door that we also found there.  I have projects in progress in every room of the house.  That is not really my normal way of doing things, but since Chip has gotten on board with my need to purge...I am adapting to his method of approach to projects!  I will say it keeps me from getting bored, lol. I promise to post some pics of some of them soon...but only when they are done!  Only one messy photo with no after shots allowed on my blog...just kidding.  Seriously though, my craft space has never been such a disaster, but in fairness...I had to dump every box in search of certain other household items.  The packing choices that the movers make never cease to amaze...and I have yet to find a couple of my favorite Tupperware pieces.  Anyhoo, we also went to Nashville on Sunday and had a great time looking around and picked up a couple items from the World Market there.  As much as I enjoyed our outings, it did limit our time to work on the house, but things are  moving along and I try and accomplish at least one thing every day in terms of decorating progress.  The reality is that it takes time to really settle in and make it truly home. I especially love to take the time to pull together the old, the new, and the refurbished/repurposed to make it feel collected but intentional.  That is where my creative energy is these days.  That, and reconnected with my southern cooking roots....I made some delicious okra last week that even my teenager loved....wonders never cease!  #1 on my project list this week is to make my VERY generic mantle look inviting....I will let you know how that works out in my next post!  As always thanks so much for sharing in this blog journey with me :0)
PS...I will also post a picture of the finished cabinet from an earlier post...just waiting on new magnetic closures so the doors aren't hanging open before a take a photo.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The ugly truth....

Since Chip returned from Afghanistan (almost a year ago), I have put my crafting hobby on the back burner. Seems like our family has been in a very LONG process of transition with more than a couple of twists and turns in the process.  I have also made putting my new space in order the last priority here...and thought I would share the ugly truth of what it looks like while working on everything else in the house.  

This will no doubt be a GREAT space once I have the time to get it together.  For the time being, my
solution has been to shut the door and focus elsewhere....looks better already lol. To be fair we have had a TON of other stuff to do, so this was the least pressing, but I am seriously looking forward to getting it together SOON!