Phillipians 3:14

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Laughing at love of course ;0)

So...I am taking an online Art of Wild Abandonment course that has been really fun and I am learning a lot. I was about 3 weeks behind everyone else getting started because of our move so they were posting their projects from parts of the course I hadn't taken.  Good thing too, because I found this dry wall stipple brush thingy when I went looking for the wood blocks.  I had seen stipple brush on the supply list, but I was thinking along a whole different line...dork!  At any rate, it worked out nicely and I think this is SO fun...I opted to keep my pretty natural looking so I used it to store my clay tools instead of paintbrushes so it hopefully won't get too dirty!  Kind of coordinates with the wreath I made from the Christmas workshop I did.  Online classes are the best, because I would have never had the nerve to try any of this stuff without them! 

That brings me to my next project this morning...another piece of 2x4 "art"  :0).  I wasn't feeling very motivated or talented this morning looking at my messy craft room...but then picked up a pencil and made a quick sketch:
 This is where that sketch took me:

 No matter how I feel at any given moment...His banner over me is LOVE!  Thanks for stopping by and I am telling you that the hardware store is a great place to shop for art/craft supplies ;0)! 


  1. You are right the hardware store is great! I'm always looking there for "stuff". I'm so impressed with your sketch and the outcome. That is so cool, I want to come and play with you!! You can teach me to draw! I'm still at stick figures, never progressed from kindergarten! Help, help!! Is the drawing from one of Christy's classes?? We have a book at the lss (where I am heading shortly to work at tonight's crop) that has some faces and doodling in it. I think I might look through it. Marsha, I'm lovin' your artwork! Wow! {hugs} Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!

  2. Oh Marsha, you crack me up! You are so clever. . and so talented! Love your ceramic tool holder and that beautiful sketch that turned into a GORGEOUS bit of block art!! Hugs and Lord bless!!

  3. Your girl on the block is so cute. Did you stencil the background? It looks very pretty.

  4. I love the hardware store. Lots of great things there. I am going to get some of the drywall paste to use in place of my modeling paste. I think it's a few cents cheaper too.

    I love your sketch and her hair is so pretty. I am still learning to do long hair. I like my short styles but the long don't come out near as cute as yours.

    I hope you're doing well. Talk soon!

  5. Your are so creative, what a wonderful idea.

  6. Oh, wow! I love your brush tool storage thingy! So great! Your painting is fabulous! It's wonderful to see someone painting again! There hasn't been enough of it going on!
    I hope you're not sick of my comments yet because I think there's even more that I've missed! lol :o)