Phillipians 3:14

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trust in the Lord...

Today was the first time in over a week I had the opportunity to sit quietly and play with some paints.  I was determined to make something original and unique to of my main goals for creativity this year.  I painted a basic blue background and began to think about what I could put as my focal image...I decided an attempt at one of my favorite things about Hawaii...the gorgeous and abundant trees.  While I am waiting for my son at school in the afternoons I ogle the beautiful twisting branches and canopy of leaves on the trees lining the school/church grounds.  I am really no artist, but the point of painting or creativity is to express the inward self without so many words.  So...I'll just say that many scriptures were on my mind, but the one I stamped on the background came from Proverbs 3:5,6.  Really no matter what the circumstances of this life may bring, I KNOW that I can trust in the Lord who is good at all times and is orchestrating all things for His glory and my good as I do walk in obedience and faith to His high call.  I am so blessed that my immediate family has intimacy in Him and with one another wherever the road takes us! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

More than just a hammer.... this isn't a great photo, but it captures the shiny head of this silly hammer which is the focus of this post.  I decided that I need a hammer in my craft room for a variety of small purposes...have been thinking that for a while actually.  While we were out and about over the holidays I kept my eyes open for a small hammer to suit the bill....well, they were all to big and ugly.  I mean, it needs to be functional, but can't cute also be an option?  I decided that I had a smaller hammer at home that had seen better days, so I would just spruce it up a bit.  I asked my darlin' hubby to clean up the head of it a bit so I could paint it....well he took it to a completely different level.  That crazy man o'mine spent a couple of hours with his dremmel polishing this thing to a high shine.  He then cut off the handle and sanded it so it would be just the right size.  Of course I then had to paint and "bling" it out appropriately to match his  This seems so silly on the surface...that I would want a "girlie" hammer, but the beauty of it is that the Lord has given me such an awesome husband who would gladly go to these lengths to demonstrate his love for me.  The rest of this story is that this little hammer was in an $8 clearance tool kit that I purchased right after moving out in my divorce.  That little took kit was very handy in my single years and was just one of the many, many ways that God provided for me then and continues to now.  Chip knows me better than anyone and understands all that this represents so much better than I can express in a short blog post.  I hope you enjoy the cute bling, but I will see God's amazing Grace in my life on so many levels every time I look at this transformed hammer!  Thanks for stopping by and I will be posting some of my recent work next week!