Phillipians 3:14

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


This is the last project that I have already made to I am hoping to get back into the craft room soon!  I don't know about you, but for me I have times where it flows and I try to maximize on it because there are plenty of times where I don't have the time or necessarily desire...!  This girl was kind of the culmination of the series of canvases I have done both for friends and as a reflection of my own life/heart.  This genteel lady speaks to me in that I have not always felt so soft and feminine and have been challenged in my ideas of womanhood by culture, the sinful nature of others and my own wretchedness. In spite of all this the Lord has  been rich in mercy and has preserved me from giving over to hardening my heart to His beautiful truths. I have often longed for an era of times past when femininity seemed more celebrated...thinking that somehow it was easier.  The truth is that the fall has affected all of creation and there will always be challenges and obstacles to living in the center of the perfect sovereign will of God.  That is the way of it, but He is mighty to save and able to preserve those who are His own.  Strength and beauty have a definition that transcends culture and has Biblical foundations that are powerful and timeless and flow only from the Lord.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my canvas and read my post.  I sincerely pray that you too can know the peace that comes from belonging to the most high God!

Friday, November 25, 2011

For Everything a Season

I have spent this week preparing for and enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving celebration with my husband and son.  It turned out quite nicely and we even got the Christmas tree up and decorated.  My son hung the ornaments while we supervised and sipped coffee!  I am very thankful to have him with me this year...I didn't even put up a tree the last two years because of separation, traveling and such.  There are holidays that are chaotic and noisy and then there are the ones that are the quiet and serene.  Change has been the only constant in my life for as long as I can remember...the traditions that many hold so dear are lost on me.  I have and am still learning to just be in the moment that God has orchestrated for me.  There is truly a time and season for everything and surrender to the absolute sovereignty of God brings a peace that surpasses the circumstances. I find myself more and more grateful for the hardest things in my life because they are the tools that He has used for my good and His glory.  It has not been that many years ago that I laid down flat on my back in the pouring rain and prayed for death...God is amazing not only in His grace to save, but in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit to sanctify a wretch like me.  We had a great sermon last week about maturing in the is my prayer to never stop allowing Him to bring me more and more into the likeness of Christ through both blessings and trials of many kinds.  These days I am thankful for each one as it comes and pray for His grace to sustain me until HE decides when it is my time to go.  May you be at peace with God in the Grace of Christ today as well!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful Beige....

Today I have two items to share...the first is an up-cycled can from an item on my Pinterest board.  The second is a mini canvas that I made after watching  this episode of art redefined on my craft channel.  It is raining today so my lighting wasn't very of these days I will get a proper light box set up...just not high on my list of priorities at the moment!  Anyway, I really love this gal...most of my canvases already have names on them for gifts, but this one I am keeping for me!  Off for a busy Saturday with the fam, thanks for stopping by :0)!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shopping at the Hardware Store!!

OK, I am WAY too excited over my little invention, but I don't often have such I am savoring this sweet little victory.  I had been looking for a grid roller stamp lately without any success.  Also, ever since I received a lovely ATC with drywall tape on it, I have been meaning to buy some.  Now that I am doing so much mixed media I decided today was the day...especially after pricing some sticky mesh at the craft store that was just as expensive for one piece as was this whole roll. I was walking around, checking out the many cool things that I imagined re-purposing for art when I came up this perfect little roller.  LIGHTBULB....I know have my very own little grid roller stamp which is gonna' be SO cool on future projects!  Go shopping in your hubby's shed/garage/tool box, there's no telling what you'll find to craft with.  Chances are he will think it's cool too ;0). 

Living Simply....

My first She Art girl!  Christy Tomlinson is not only an excellent teacher, but warm and genuine too.  She has made art completely approachable for me and I think I already saide it, but will has been a gift in my life at this particular time and space.  I find myself with both the time and the means to pursue something that I secretly always wanted to (art), but never had the confidence nor the circumstance for.  So, I am continuing on the theme this week of posting the mixed media canvases that I have recently made and that have not just been fun to create, but have helped me to focus in on just how richly God has blessed me.  Just like the words on my first She Art girl...I am living a simple and uncomplicated life.  Once I let go of my expectations, I have come to cherish that fact and spend a whole lot more of my thought and prayer life just amazed at how good the Lord truly is...not just in my circumstances, but in the work He has and continues to do in my heart.  Forgiving others and myself, embracing the here and now and choosing to see the good in each day is a gift all in and of itself.  Soli Deo Gloria!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Indeed!

Today is Scripture Thursday linky party over at Little Birdie Blessings blog.  I thought this piece would be perfect to share there today.  Abby is a real sweetheart and is always an encouragement and a blessing.  She regularly exhorts us to count our blessings daily.  There are many small things in each day that bring me joy and I am going to take Abby's challenge and start writing them down!  I'll share my notebook soon on that.  For today I can't think of anything better to rejoice over than the freedom in Christ!  I also want to share here my favorite modern hymn  In Christ Alone. It is the gospel sung so beautifully and brings joyful tears to my eyes each and every time I hear it!  I hope it will bless you too.  Thanks for those who stop by and esp those who regularly encourage me with your gracious comments :0).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How great His love is for us...

My canvas is back...I just didn't like my initial post and took the liberty to take it down and start over.  That is really fitting since this canvas was a do-over too!  I started out to make a piece to share at Cassandra's Word Art Wednesday blog and ruined it. I am going to add it this week instead!   I started over and this is where the process took me. Interestingly enough I was contemplating much when doing this project, and when I was preparing to re-post it this scripture comes to mind:  
Lamentations 3:22-23
Because of the LORD’s great love 
we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
         They are new every morning;        
great is your faithfulness. 
I am so thankful that the Lord is faithful when I am not...and that He is so rich in mercy.  Instead of pouring out His righteous wrath upon me the sinner, He was pleased to punish His only son instead for all those who repent and put their faith and trust in Him alone.    How amazing, how humbling, how incredibly life changing that should be each and every day.  The gospel truth does make my heart soar as I meditate on it.  His word  is the key to enduring joy in the face of trials of many kinds.  Nothing is as sufficient as His word, but this is a powerful video that illustrates this beautiful truth.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autumn Days...

Nothing says fall like college football...too bad UF is not having a stellar year.  That hasn't dampened my hubby's devotion to his Alma mater though :0).  I started today's mini canvas with a fun piece of fall pattern paper then embellished it with stamps, stickles, rub-ons and modeling paste that I colored with acrylic paint.  This was the first canvas that I did that I was totally happy with the outcome...I foresee using it in conjunction with some cute metal pumpkins I have for a small display.  While I do miss the cool crisp days and turning leaves...I do appreciate the scenery we enjoy daily for now.  It is also only a season and as my mother used to say..."This too shall pass".  Use to make me crazy...but it is true!  Ecclesiastes 3:1
I pray for the richest blessings to you and yours today :0).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrate EVERY day

Happy Veteran's day to those who are, who have and who support our service members.  We have all benefited from the sacrifice of many.  This is not a perfect country...never has been nor will it ever be.  Still, I do count it a blessing to have enjoyed the liberty that we enjoy especially in matters of faith. I am counting my blessings today and enjoying time with my family and care group from church tonight.  This canvas I make a few weeks ago...when I wasn't "feeling" so cheery, is a happy reminder to me that EVERY DAY is a gift from God and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it :0).  I used some fun papers, punches, stickles, stencil, stamps, rhinestones,  embossing folder, paint and word stickers to make this happy home scene.  It makes me smile and hope it does for you too!  Love, love, love being able to use all the resources in my craft room on one project...SO fun!  I have more in store in the days to come...until then, I pray that you have reason to rejoice in each day as a gift from God.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Faith Hope and Love

 OK, being the timely person I am (not), I am finally posting a project that I made from taking an online  color workshop from Christy Tomlinson a while back. She is completely adorable and fun to watch and has really given me a gift in introducing me to mixed media in an approachable way...LOVE it as she would say ;0).  I used more of the canvases that I scored for $1 as my base...have several more to go before I am out of them (yeah).  I punched a heart shape out of card stock and many many circles of tissue paper individually glued down for the texture.  I used  a SU set in the background along with some of my new favorite textures and finally three different techinques for the center hearts all involving UTEE.  I initially didn't want to use green...but it turned out to be my favorite! Maybe that's as it should be since LOVE is the greatest of these three 1 Corinthians 13:13
Thanks for stopping by and I have several more itemsto p ost in the coming that my interenet is FINALLY working again!!