Phillipians 3:14

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disaster Averted!

I went into my craft room intent on finishing a project and was dismayed that my Big Shot was making a terrible grinding noise and protesting any turning.  I asked my hubby to take a look at it, but was already trying to figure out where I could get another one cheap and fast. I was also greatly frustrated because I knew that it most likely had something to do with the salt and humidity here (my ongoing arch-nemesis)!  He could see those wheels turning and wanted to save himself some $$ and went to work!  He dismantled the entire thing and found one bearing that was rusty (proving my theory).  He was able to clean and lubricate it and reassembled the whole thing in no time at all.  It honestly works better now than the day I bought it!!  I should have never had a doubt!  I love that man and am so thankful for all the little things he does daily that just make my life better!  I thought I'd share the pics in case you ever wondered what the inside of your Big Shot looked like!

The Culprit!


  1. Love this post. . .what a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing! I was going to ask if you watched. . .duh, that's obvious! :D

  2. Oh man!! So glad disaster was averted!! You definitely have a keeper :-) Goodness, look at all those pieces!!